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March 30, 2011 / Brewtiful BC

Howe Sound Brewery

On the way back from Whistler a few weeks back, I was lucky enough to stop at the Howe Sound Brew Pub in Squamish for a tour. Brewmaster Franco was happy to take some time out of his busy schedule and show us how things are done.

I was surprised to find that their brewery is three floors. Upstairs, in what looks like an attic, is the grain room. That’s where they keep their grains. I won’t bore you with any more details on that. The grain gets milled and dropped down to the main floor where the mashing, boiling and fermenting happens. Their beer then travels to the

The old capper

basement where it is held in the cooling tanks and then bottled.

Now Howe Sound Brewing is producing over 15,000 litres of beer annually with over 26 types of beer. When they were just getting started, however, their capping capability was much simpler.

This year they have started their “Ales for Change” series that will contribute a portion of beer sales’ profit from this special initiative to important non-profit causes. I tried the Rockfish Red Ale, which gives $1 from every bottle sold to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. I have never been such a sucker for charity.

After the tour Franco was kind enough to give me a bottle “Woolly Bugger” a specialty barley wine they made this winter. I left it on the counter as we sat and ate our delicious lunch. A funny thing happened then because there was a bus tour of CAMRA (Campaign For Real Ale) members were doing a tour after.

I admittedly am only a beer nerd in training and I have never been so humbled of this position as the full fledged beer fanatics swarmed around the bottle of barely wine with cat nip like affinity. All the CAMRA folk were fantastic to talk to. A true wealth of beer knowledge.

So if you are ever driving to or from Whislter or just have some time to kill in Squamish, I highly advise you to stop in and have a beer or three at the How Sound Brew Pub.



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  1. Leo / Mar 31 2011 2:05 am

    Haha I was on that CAMRA bus tour. I guess you were the reason why we all bought a bottle of the Wooly Bugger, or found out about it. This is cool. It’s my first time on this site, gonna have to check the rest of it out when I have a chance. Cheers.

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