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April 7, 2011 / Brewtiful BC

R & B Brewing

After having so much fun doing the tour at Howe Sound, I decided to test my luck by asking another brewery for a tour for some material for the blog.  Rick, one half of the letters from R&B Brewing co., was more than happy to show us around his brewery located in East Vancouver’s historic Brewery Creek district just off Main st.

R&B was founded in 1997 by Rick and Barry with a commitment to keeping things modest, independent, and unique.  After working years together for one of the larger, faceless, corporate companies making bland beer, they decided they could hand craft beer that would stand out from the tasteless world of big beer.One of these nuts needs lubrication

Their fermenting containers stood out because they are actually converted from dairy containers.  This gave their brewery and unique look and apparently saves the brewery a bit of money at no cost to the quality.

After the tour, Rick asked us a question which would end up altering our day, “Did you guys drive here? Okay good, then I will get the larger sampling cups.”  Almost immediately after pouring us our first pint sized sample of Red Devil Pale Ale, Rick had to take off for a while and left us under supervision of the other employees on site.

Amaxing small batch set up

The first thing they did was put us to work.  After failing to be able to open anything without a wrench they gave us our second beer.  Then our third…fouthr…fithfhh…. And I think even a few more after that.  As the work day neared its end, all of the workers gathered together to enjoy their favourite beers and some took their daily ration of a 2L bottle home.

One of the brewers, Kim, was nice enough to let us try her own wheat beer concoction.  R&B has their own small batch brew system that any home brewer would kill for.  Perfect for testing new brews and making casks.

Luckily we did not have to travel far to get to our destination couches after to fall asleep at a more than respectable hour of 7:30.

You can find R&B beer at most BC Liquor Stores and some cold beer and wine locations, but your best bet to find their full selection is at Brewery Creek Cold Beer and Wine, Fire Fly, and Legacy Liquor in the Olympic Village.


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  1. Leo / Apr 13 2011 10:59 pm

    I hope you got to try the ESB. I got to try it when I interviewed them a bit ago. Great stuff. Anyways, some really great stuff come out of that test batch system doesn’t it. Bacon Stouts, pineapple beers. Did you get to meet Brent or Trevor?

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