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April 8, 2011 / Brewtiful BC

Storm Brewing

So if you have never been to Storm Brewing, let me paint you a mental picture.  Remember the Mel Gibson movie Mad Max, before he went completely off the deep end?  Well Storm would be the brewery in the Thunderdome.  Located on Commercial st just north of Hastings, you could easily walk by it assuming it is a welding shop.  Even inside, all of the tools it took to build the brewery on the left are available on the right.  Post apocalypse jokes aside; Storm is good people making good beer.

I stopped by the brewery this week to visit my friend and “Keg Monkey” Dieter who works there to enjoy the fruits of his labour.  I got there before he returned from deliveries so I had to hang out with brew master James Walton while he brewed their Highland Scottish Ale.  Things were running a bit behind on the brew that day, but I arrived then they had some time to kill, so we had a beer.

James was excited for me to have some of his Black Plague Stout, saying it was the best one he has made in a while.  Even though the gravity after mashing was a bit low, the yeast was more than efficient and brought the alcohol content back up to its usual 8%.   He followed this up with a quote that will stick in my mind every time my homebrew is a bit off, “Even with a giant brain and amazing skill, you are still at the mercy of fucking biological systems when brewing”.

Storm beer is available exclusively on tap or personal keg pick ups.  Tap list and keg ordering info is available on their website.


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