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April 27, 2011 / Brewtiful BC

CAMRA Spring Sessional

After signing up for my CAMRA membership, I was pretty excited to attend my first CAMRA event.  17 brewers produced “Sessional Beer” casks, which means the beer will have a low percentage of alcohol.  Session is a British term that means you can drink a large volume of beer during an amount of time (“session”) without getting too wasted.

I was pretty suspect of the low % constraints, but with low alcohol came big flavours.   Traditionally the British Session beers are English bitters.  At the Spring Sessional, however, there were no style limitations only and ABV of 3.5%.  So the variety of beer covered pretty much everything.  There were bitters, brown ales, berliners, ales and saisons.

I would have loved to share my amateur opinions on the beers, but unfortunately I didn’t realise there was a handout listing all the beers with room to write taste comments.  Fortunately, I did steal somebody else’s as I left.  I don’t know who I took it from, what their background is, or what they planned on doing with these notes, but I can’t imagine it was much.  I think they were just making notes because they thought that’s what you were supposed to do.  Maybe they thought that they might run across one of these rare beers in the liquor store next week.  Any way, their comments were entertaining, “too hoppy”, “mouth full of tots going on”, “unique”, and “easy drinking” were the most insightful.  One of the beers that did stand out for me was the Noble Pig “Honey Badger Pale Ale”, but that was mostly due to its clever naming.  Click the link if you don’t know what I mean.

All in all it was a great event.   Got to experience a number of amazing beers, hang out with a number of interesting beer nerds, and was excused for being excited to drink beer at 11am.  Thanks a lot CAMRA and I cannot wait for your next event.



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