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May 10, 2011 / Brewtiful BC

Sloppy Seconds

Or Hoppy Seconds as the sign outside the Alibi room said.  As if “Sloppy Seconds” could be confused with another meaning than CAMRA’s event featuring all of the leftover beer from Hoppapalooza II.

The event was great.  Lots of people, despite the Canucks game being on and no TVs, and a ton of unique craft beer.  On cask they had Swan’s Scotch Ale, which I am glad I drank after my burger due to its over powering taste.  It was delicious, but you the scotch flavour was definitely present.

My favourite of the night had to be Gary from Red Racer’s Imperial Roach-a-palooza.  To my understanding it was made by ringing out the hop bags of other IPAs and ESBs.  A process similar to making a roach joint.  Or so I have read about.  The result was an amazing bitter taste.

Time and tolerance didn’t allow me to try them all last night, but I look forward to drink the rest of them next year.  If you aren’t a CAMRA member already, I highly suggest you to sign up.  They host many parties throughout the year featuring craft beer.  A club well worth joining.


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  1. secretdate9 / Oct 24 2011 9:11 am

    Roach a palooza–what a perfect beer offering from Surrey!

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