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May 22, 2011 / Brewtiful BC

St Agustine’s New Urinal Entertainment System

Working for Newad Media for a few years, and as a bathroom attendant for even longer, I thought I had seen everything thing everything there was to see in a men’s bathroom. Then I went to my favourite local craft brew establishment, St Augustine’s and had my mind blown. Above the urinals, where I was used to seeing boring ads that I found myself reading just because something was there, was a menu of all of the beer on tap that night, and how much was left in each keg!

When there, I spend most of my time there browsing their impressive tap list anyways. So having it right in front of me in the bathroom allows me to spend more time conversing at my table. The only drawback was that it did not match up perfectly with the printed menu, confusing both the patrons and the servers. The numbers also didn’t seem to change throughout the night. In time I am sure St Augustine’s will be able to have a live feed of the % of keg beer left fed directly to the tables, bars and urinals. Keep pushing the technological limits of my drinking experience St Augustine’s!


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  1. Jake / Jun 30 2011 10:54 am

    Potential disaster if the beer you want most is at 1% and you try to pinch off your pee to make it to the bar to order that last glorious pint before its all gone and in the process piddle on your pant leg

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