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May 23, 2011 / Brewtiful BC

The Complete, Abridged Story of Being the Vancouver Craft Beer Week Intern.

Unlike a lot of my posts this will have a clear beginning, middle and end. Spoiler alert! It began last sentence, it will reach its midpoint about half way through this post and will end just before the “post comments” button. I don’t want to keep you on the edge of your seats for too much longer, so here is my complete, abridged story of being the Vancouver Craft Beer Week intern.

Your protagonist was sitting at his computer a few months ago at a turning point in his life. He was wading around the internet, hoping some sort of opportunity to float by his way offering employment, but he was finding nothing. Instead of waiting for something to drift by him, he envisioned a job he wanted and created it for himself.

That job was the Vancouver Craft Beer Week intern. Even though it did not exist, he knew he wanted it. So to get such a job he would need some sort of bait. His tackle box (resume) had nothing directly applicable to the job he wanted that didn’t exist. So he made it up. Literally, not figuratively. He started a blog about his beer knowledge, and committed to this blog as a way of continually documenting his interest in the craft beer community.

Irrelevant, just too funny to not post

The bait was explosive. Not only did it get him his made up position and had him doing the type of work he went to school for in an industry he loved, he was knee deep in it. No longer was he home brewing on the whims of what he read on the internet. He was attending monthly meetings with like minded experts on making great beer in the comfort of his own home. No longer was he staring at a wall of craft beer wondering where and what the different companies were like. He was remembering meeting the brew masters and where he met them.

Last by not least, no longer was he looking for work, but he had found a job doing what he wanted to be doing thanks to interning and volunteering for VCBW. It was his internet research, data basing and marketing, which really helped him lock down his new job.

Yet if he didn’t find this job I am sure something else would have popped up sooner or later because through his experience he met an entire new network of people who knew he was hungry, somewhat talented, and shared an interest with them. So for all of you unemployed somewhat talented people, find something you really enjoy and get involved with it. People will eventually either pay you for what you like doing or what you are able to do eventually.


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